The digital synthesis engine in these instruments was unfortunately overlooked by most musicians as it became caught up between the two prevailing trends of the new century - on one hand there were many excellent virtual analog synths offering immediate results and inherent simplicity, and on the other there was the advent of software instruments which used PC hardware that was becoming far more powerful and less expensive with every passing year. When compared with earlier samplers the Emulator IV offered more of everything, and only high-end models like the Akai S or Kurzweil K could be considered as direct competitors. The synthesis engine in the Emulator IV was based on the traditional model, with a bit sample-based sound generator sending its output to a filter which then fed an amplifier stage. All of this was complimented by a programmable arpeggiator, track sequencer, and a full set of sample management and manipulation tools. The sheer number of Emulator IV models can be overwhelming to the novice and expert alike. There were a few exceptions to this rule, all noted below.

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I must add that the price has come down quite considerably since I bought mine in I highly recommend it if you primarily use sampled sound material in the studio and gig quite a bit. Some of the other really cool add ons cost extra. Price paid: With this baby, I can sample and play, patches, fx, etc.

It is one of the few pieces of equipment that works flawlessly. The editing is percise and easy. You can start sampling right out of the box.

The manual is easy to understand and is useful. You can get around without it though. It may be a bit overkill for the average user but once you have one, you wonder how you lived without it. What you sample is what you get , verbatim. It also has extensive manipulation possiblities. Filters, EQ, compression, beat match, etc. Never had to call EMU once for anything! Like most things you love, you take it for granted and push for more.

Originally posted on FutureProducers. I always use the good old SoundDiver to edit the beast that is easy and stable even with Windows 7! How could they stop the production of such a soft The quality of the effects is impressive and creative possibilities of the sampler is tenfold. I had other machines in the meantime, I sold some and not others.

The E-MU is still there! Now, I used mostly as expander to enrich my songs. The sound is irreplaceable, especially for me parts Drums. And yet the sample size is tiny at the time! At the time, he really had to break piggy bank to buy a Ultra, basic config! Characteristics are already a reason to get it. The effects are far from average, there has "only" 2 of course, but great quality, I realize with every listen! The connection I do not even speak, he would not miss the USB perhaps? It is a tool that allows a lot!

Everything is in the very comprehensive manual! It can be used as if it was synth sound banks that go with! Sampler as high quality or as a tool for its work samples! Making it easy to use? Editing multisamples is equally easy with a keyboard available though not, it seems inappropriate to me! A virtual instrument multilayer is quite feasible with this machine. Nothing or very little gadget, it is an instrument in its own right cut for editing and creation!

Short edit samples in detail, or edit presets with numbers multisamples, which create a multitude of sounds in one session! For there to be sure, no exaggeration! The reverbs are to be measured accurately, the delays are really powerful, and modulation effects are unique. The sound performance mode Multi is really up to the dynamics is observed in every detail, nothing is compressed or eaten, as long as it does not exceed the polyphony of course! Warning filters are greedy and simple 2 poles wide enough most of the time!

I think it has inspired me more than any other machine! I remake that choice every day if I could! Converter very good, big potato The manual is clear but useless all functions are quickly mastered. Editing the sounds is very intuitive and allows the EOS to work quickly and efficiently, much better than bump on the pc. I sample everything from emu akai then I converted and it keeps one sounds much better than directly sampled on the akai. Dynamic HUGE!!!!! The filters are very effective and many have little get sounds barges.

Value exorbitant price at the time but now its really worth it The update 4.


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Dugami PG for language, sexual references, some thematic material and smoking. Redefining Body Image is a documentary that focuses on challenges young women face in a culture. Creating engaging newsletters with your curated content is really easy. What is Greenplum Database? EOS for Emulator 4 and manuals.


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Fenritaxe Beat-Munging gives you unprecedented rhythmic control over your audio and may radically change the way you create and manipulate loops and grooves— and you will only find this manuao technology in the E4 Ultra. Use this instruction manual to install indoor coils on upflow or downflow. Add to guide Coming Soon. Mwnual Galaxy J7 Perx Overview. E mu EOS 4.

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