Faum Preparations for war and efforts to bring about peace between the Kaurava and the Pandava sides which eventually fail udyoga means effort or work. The two sides summon vast armies to their help and line up at Kurukshetra for a war. Till now vyasa bharatham Mahabharata which is being telecast bharathzm on television comprises vyasa bharatham Pancha Pandava stories. Evelyn AbbottLondonvol. Currently we are in Sveta varaha kalpa of 7th Manu called Vaivaswata Bhatatham and 27 Maha yugas vyasa bharatham completed and we are currently vyasa bharatham the last phase of 28th Yuga Kali Yuga phase.

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Lord Brahma appeared before him and asked him to write the Mahabharatham for the benefit of all. Sage Vyasa said that he could not compose the verse and write it down too and therefore asked for the help of someone wise, who would write down as he sang. Brahma asked sage Vyasa to pray to Lord Ganesha to help him. Ganesha told Vyasa that he had enormous work to do and hence he would write it down, only if Vyasa was quick in singing it.

For his turn, Sage Vyasa requested that Ganesha should understand the meaning of the verse and only then put it down in writing. Vyasa started singing. Whenever he felt Ganesha was writing too fast for him, he would come with a difficult verse, thus by the time Ganesha could decipher the meaning, he would have composed several more verses in his mind.

In this way, Vyasa completed the Bharatham in 60 lakhs granthams. Lord Ganesha wrote on Mount Meru using his tusk. Of these 60 lakh granthams, 30 lakhs are supposed to be in the Deva Logam, 15 lakhs in Yatcha Logam and 14 lakhs in Asura Logam. Only the remaining 1 lakh granthams is assumed to be on the earth. Sage Vyasa is supposed to have sung 8, verses, which were difficult for Ganesha to decipher. Sage Vyasa has stated that Ganesha, Sage Vyasa himself and his son Sugan are probably the only ones who know the meaning of those 8, granthams.

The Mahabharatham is considered the fifth Veda.


Vyasa Bharatham - Vol 1 (Tamil)

It is said that he was the expansion of the God Vishnu , who came in Dwaparayuga to make all the Vedic knowledge from oral tradition available in written form. He was the son of Satyavati , adopted daughter of the fisherman Dusharaj and the wandering sage Parashara , who is credited with being the author of the first Purana , Vishnu Purana. Since birth, he already possessed the knowledge of the Vedas, the Dharmashastras and the Upanishads. Vyasa was the son of Sage Parashara and great grandson of Sage Vashistha. Parashara begot Vyasa with Satyavati. She conceived and immediately gave birth to Vyasa.

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Zululrajas Till now the Mahabharata which is being telecast in on television comprises only Pancha Pandava stories. Presented with bhxratham humour and great affection, it shows the very recognisable human dilemmas faced by Vyasa and Ganesha and enables a new generation of readers to connect personally, in their own ways, to an old story. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Bhaeatham index was not available for this book. Its having few pages only and the product pricing is too high when compared with the pages.




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