Online archives History "Within the Sforza Castle, which evokes the figure of Leonardo and which contains so much of the intellectual heritage of Milan, a room should be dedicated to the "Raccolta Vinciana". It was thanks to Beltrami that the Sforza Castle, after running the risk of being demolished between and , received the restoration he himself headed. His approach as a restorer also contemplated a renovation in the style of the times the tower of the castle, the so-called "Filarete" tower, was actually designed and constructed by Beltrami , provided that it was based on extensive research of archives and other sources, including visual and contemporary. His studies however went beyond the requirements of a practical restoration, and included studies of the historical context of the Lombard Renaissance, with the inclusion therefore of Leonardo, about whom Beltrami had written articles and reviews in newspapers. The birth of the collection Hence, the idea of creating an aggregation, a "collection" of all variety of Leonardo related materials: a library, first and foremost, but also a library of photographs and an art collection, to be attached to the Historical Civic Archives and housed at the Sforza Castle. Subsequently, the library holdings continued to grow thanks to the acquisition of books published worldwide on Leonardo.

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Trattato della pittura di Leonardo Da Vinci. Edited by Raphael du Fresne. Illustrated with engraved additional title-page with portrait of Leonardo, large vignette on title-page, dedication headpiece of Queen Christina of Sweden, 9 engraved head-and tailpieces, 3 engraved initials and 57 in text engravings of drawings and diagrams.

Paris: Langlois, Della pittura. Della statua. Illustrated with engraved title-page vignettes, engraved portrait of Alberti, 9 engraved head- and tailpieces, 4 engraved initials and 16 in-text engravings.

Folio, x mm, bound in contemporary French calf, red morocco spine label stamped in gilt. The above volume is critical to the reconstruction of his definitive statement on the subject. This first edition was the outcome of the scholarship in Rome of Cardinal Barberini and his secretary Cassiano dal Pozzo, whose project began in but did not result in any publication. When Melzi died in or about , his compilation was no longer in his hands.

At that time MS copies of an abridged version of his compilation were circulating in Italy, and it was one of them that was published in Paris in " Pedretti. Another important feature of this first edition is that diagrams and engraved vignettes were executed after Nicolas Poussin, including a series of anatomical studies and male nudes.

The editor of this edition, Raphael Trichet du Fresne, added to his biography of Leonardo a list of 35 books on art; this has been described as "one of the earliest, if not the earliest, art bibliography" Steinitz.

Joints restored, some light spotting throughout, several leaves with staining and toning, some worming in the lower gutter, some brown pencil markings, old repair on leaf 4 of Della pittura, overall, a good copy of this rare book.

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13 - Animales



39 - La calĂ­grafia


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