Based on the legal rulings of the Hanafi school of Islamic law. This was published in three volumes and remains popular amongst the Hanafis of India , the Middle East and Turkey. Although the author was a Maliki, he also presents the legal opinions of other major schools of Islamic jurisprudence; thus it is popular with jurists from all of the schools of Islamic law. One volume of this tafsir has been translated into English by Aisha Bewley. Available online.

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Therefore, it directs humanity towards right path to achieve success in both worlds. Quran Majeed is the only Book which is translated into a hundred languages, learn and recited by millions of people and secured in its original form from several decades.

Why Tafseer e Quran in Urdu is required? For complete interpretation, delineation, understanding and awareness of context of Islamic Structure, it is necessary to perceive the message of Allah in the best way.

Tafseer e Quran also provide solution to issue about semantic, theology and shariah law. For the thorough understanding of what God tells to human beings, the verses of Holy Quran need to be decoded.

Whenever any verses of holy Quran were revealed, Companion of the Prophet S. W asked for an explanation. Holy Prophet S. W decoded most of the verses for proper understanding of Muslims. He also interpreted message through His words and observation called as Hadiths and through His Acts called Sunnah.

Later on, Sahaba took the responsibility to provide explanation about Quran. Hazrat Abu Bakr interpreted the verses based on Muhammad S. Ibbn e Abbas also narrated Quran verses based on their knowledge of Arabic language. At that time the Tafsir was very concise and only some verses are narrated.

Next, many scholars used many sources to explain most of the verses of Quran and several books on tafsir were published. However, there are certain conditions that needs to be adopted while doing tafsir to secure the true meaning of the verses. Quran Pak Tafseer in Urdu and English: Like the translation of Quran is done in many languages, same as tafseer e Quran is also done in many Asian, African and European languages for all the Muslims of the world.

Many English Translated Tafseer books are available which can be download and read offline. Tafseer e Quran in English pdf can be read online written by scholars and based on Hadith and Sunnah. Tafseer Quran are also available in audio so that we can listen to the tafseer on our cell phone or laptop. Darsaal brings you the complete audio Quran Tafseer online for the viewers.

We will also update Tafseer Ibn Kaseer Urdu audio from our online platform. We can listen to the Quran while travelling, Blind people can listen tilawat e Quran Pak and Quran tilawat will be effective for the patients.

Audio Quran mp3 can be downloaded on any device and listen to it at any time. Tafseer e Quran in Urdu by Maulana Maududi will also available on our website later. Surah Name.


Tadabbur-e-Quran |Tafseer Urdu 对于Pc

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Tadabbur e Quran (Quran ki tafseer) – Eposide 1


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