Kesida Movies are recorded with high definition image quality HD. Select [OK] or [Cancel]. Furthermore, if [ Frame Rate] is set to [24p], you cannot record mabual sony hdr-cxv manual the camcorder is in movie recording standby mode. The sny data of the camcorder is copyrighted. Contracting Officer, federal government agency, or any federal official must notify SONY prior to seeking additional or alternative sony hdr-cxv manual in the Software. Bright Select this when the LCD screen is not bright enough.

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For how to change the font size setting, refer to the Help of your web browser. Searching a topic by keyword Enter the keyword in the search window, then click the [Search] button.

Returning to a previous page Use the back button of your web browser or the brea Operate the camcorder in the order indicated. The default setting is indicated by. Back to top Copyright Sony Corporation This is convenient during playback operations. Some indicators may not appear, depending It is recommended that you charge the battery in a tem Slide the BATT battery release lever and remove the battery pack. All the data recorded will be lost. To eject the memory card Open the cover and lightly push the memory card in once.

Notes To ensure stable operation of the memory card, it is recommended to format the memory card with your camcorder before the fir Notes If you close the LCD screen while recording movies, the camcorder stops recording. The maximum continuous recordable time of movies is about 13 hours. When a movie file exceeds 2 GB, the next movie file is created automatically.

The following Move the power zoom lever t B : Triangulating meters appear when the satellites are found. When the camcorder cannot triangulate A : The camcorder does not have location information.

B : The camcorder displays the location information that was previously obtained. If you do not want to record loca Display your current location. If your current location appears on the LCD screen, you do not need to continue this operation. Do not place your hand on the GPS antenna.

Select [Your Location] in the menu to use t Sony HDR-CXV - page 65 A message appears asking you to confirm whether you agree with the terms of the license agreement of the map data. You can use the map data by touching [Yes] on the screen after agreeing to the terms of the license agreement.

You cannot use the To repeat Slidesho Select [Divide] on the movie playback s For details on playback, see the playback section. To enjoy the 5. When you connect your camcorder w If it is not deleted, the camcorder may not operate correctly. There may be some types of discs or media devices on which movies cannot be saved, dep To disconnect the external media device, select while the camcorder is in the playback standby mode either Event View or Event Index is displayed.

To delete images in the external media device 1. Select [Play without copying. Select [Ed A : Sub -category icons When you cannot select a menu item Grayed out menu items or settings are not available. Your camcorder displays the reason why you cannot select the menu item or the instruction of under which condition you can set the menu item.

Back to top Copyright The point when the count reaches 0 is assumed as the moment of impact and motion before and after 0 is recorded. Notes If the camcorder cannot detect the sound of a club hitting the ball, the camcorder automatically sets the impact point at 0. While you are recording a movie, One Push cannot be set. Portrait Brings out the subject such as people or flowers while creating a soft background. Color x. Color You can capture wider range o Repair Img.

The camcorder may be able Depending on the recording media conditi


Sony Handycam® HDR-CX260V



Sony Handycam HDR-CX260V Operating Manual



Sony HDR-CX580V digital camcorder manual


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