Each of these programs and workouts is written by a different coach. If you love kettlebells, this book is probably already in your collection. When I was first getting into branching out beyond the muscle mags that dominated my youth, a book like this would have presented an awesome playground of information. I can pretty much guarantee I would have loved having access to the writing of so many coaches in just one book. I have a good imagination that would have been lit ablaze by the variety presented. Many of these workouts but not all can be done with a dumbbell in place of a kettlebell, and a little imagination can pretty easily fix the rest.

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But there are others which I have never seen before, and plenty that have really sparked my imagination. This collection is also an ideal way to learn program design by example - the why, when, and how of each section is explained. Again, a great resource, I can only hope for a sequel down the road! Provides an outstanding collection of different programs for all levels by some of the top trainers in the RKC community.

What more could you ask for? Really awesome programs from smart, passionate people who know what effective programming is all about. A really fantastic resource to refer to again and again. And, a "must have" for your programming archives. Getting this one is really a no-brainer. Yesterday, I went through the "bull simple program" with my students. One of them is a free-runner with lots of strength.

Bottom line: Buy this book. And buy the Convict Conditioning books. Both books combined are the way to extraordinary strength and endurance. Great stuff! There are a great span of work out plans that fit a wide range of exercise goals. Also, it is a great book to see other peoples take on routine building.

By Dave H. With all the online examples of how to do the exercise no challenge is going to excape one who is interested in trying any of the routines. A good source of variety that one can try.

I have started with Reikind"s swing agenda. I know that the swing is the king and am enjoying the program. Worth the price. What I did not particularly like was the layout and I found some of them difficult to see the actual program in the writing that some of them had done. Only beef with the book would be the layout could have been better. The information is very good. Great reference. Disappointing to say the least. I was expecting so much more from this.

It presents an interesting variety of programmes which are all highly usable. It is motivating and inspiring to read ideas from the RKC experts, particularly sports-specific case examples. The programmes presented are great to use either completely as they are, or to pick-and-mix, or just for great concepts to incorporate in general. For example, the specific weight suggestions and rep numbers were a real help and an eye-opener. You can test out each programme and the sessions come alive.

The volume of this material is huge. I enjoyed that one. Nice to hear from very mad people like this. Of the sessions I have tried so far all have been seriously hardcore. A GOOD thing. The layout and format of the book works well - especially for an ebook. However, hopefully the publishers can look at the following constructive points below: Some of the programme descriptions could have been broken down or edited a little more carefully.

Although also, some were excellent in this regard. Where exercises photos were included, i thought a lot more sequential photos would help. In some cases the captions to the photos were confusing or even looked wrong.

These minor negatives were outweighed by the positives of having so many concrete ideas of proven workouts, and so much personality coming through the writing style of the different trainer authors. Well done on a great product. Any future versions would be great if it had even more sports-specific ideas: golf, tennis, more sprinting ones.

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