The Vaar comprises eight pauris or stanzas, of unequal length, varying from seven to twenty-one lines with no sloks added. The talented bards and versifiers from such clans earned their livelihood by singing eulogies of their patrons, landed aristocrats, especially of their heroic deeds performed in combats, feuds, and battles in an exalted, epic style and form. Balvand and Satta, related to each other, however, performed tartan in the time of Guru Arjan who could scarcely pay them a more befitting compliment than immortalizing their names and poetic skill by including their Vaar in the Guru Granth Sahib. As it appears, these bards were in their moment of inspiration taken with the idea of paying homage to the Gurus, conceiving them as kings, kings of the House ofNanak, imaginatively and retrospectively at their installation. This was entirely a new ministry that had been launched by the Supreme Being. Here, both joli, spiritual light, jugati, method of practical living, had been combined.

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Written by Dr. Both were very young at the time. They were very good musicians and served the first four Guru Sahiban well. Guru Arjun Sahib did not lodge any complaint and continued to enlighten the masses and serve langar free meal to everybody as had been the practice from the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Pirthi Chand was so greedy that despite receiving all the offerings by immoral means, he would not serve any meals even to the Sikhs who had come from faraway places, and would send them to Guru Arjun Sahib for meals.

This situation continued for about a year before all the Sikhs realized that Pirthi Chand had no Divine Knowledge to impart spiritual guidance to the Sikhs and that Guru Arjun Dev Ji was the real Guru. So, gradually they began to visit Guru Arjun Dev Ji for spiritual guidance and took their offerings to Him.

During this period, Pirthi Chand put pressure on Satta and Balwand to join his camp so that they could keep the Sikhs visiting Pithi Chand with their gifted musical abilities. For some time the cousins resisted the pressure because of their long-time loyalty with the throne of Guruship, and continued to serve Guru Arjun Sahib until a tough situation arose. Satta fixed the marriage of his daughter going by his age, it seems it must have been his granddaughter rather than his daughter, but it does not affect the outcome and asked Guru Sahib for monetary help.

Guru Sahib explained His economic situation to Satta, but still promised as much help as was possible. Satta and Balwand were highly conceited of their abilities as popular musicians and they were sure that the Sikhs would continue to go to Pirthi Chand if they joined his camp. Not only that, they had this strong belief that the popularity of the Guru depended upon their performance as musicians.

Guru Arjun Sahib was not impressed with the unreasonable and unwarranted step taken by the Cousins, and because of His generosity, He sent a few Sikhs to persuade them to come back. This kind gesture on the part of Guru Sahib was misinterpreted by the musicians and they concluded that Guru Arjun could not function without them.

This thought inflated their ego and they flatly refused to return. Finally, the lion-hearted and forgiving Guru went Himself to ask them to come back, but Guru Arjun Sahib could not bear what he heard in response to His kind gesture. Not only the highly conceited musicians did not agree to go back, they even said that they had the ability to make anyone the Guru if they chose to do so; they went even further and said that even Guru Nanak Sahib was the Guru because Mardana Ji — who belonged to their clan of bards- had made him so by his musical ability.

Guru Sahib said that He could handle such low remarks for Himself, but not for the esteemed Guru Nanak Patshah who is a manifestation of God and who is the world - Guru. Guru Arjun Sahib was so hurt that He further declared that if someone pleads on their behalf, He would blacken his face. Guru Arjun Sahib devised a new musical instrument, Saroda, Himself, and began to sing holy Shabads in His melodious voice. As Waheguru had it, the things began to change very quickly.

Soon, Pithi Chand was forced to discontinue his purported business of Guruship, and as a result, the musician- Cousins were out of work with no income at all. When they began to starve, they went from one Sikh to another asking for their help to get forgiveness from Guru Arjun Sahib, but nobody would listen to them.

Finally, they went to a great Sikh, Bhai Luddha, in Lahore who was known to provide liberal help to any needy person. So, the great philanthropist, Bhai Luddha, blackened his own face and went to Guru Sahib in Amritsar to plead their case. When Guru Sahib saw Bhai Luddha with his face blackened, the always forgiving Guru hugged Bhai Luddha for his such a kind gesture and forgave the musicians too who had come to their senses and were deeply sorry for their unforgivable behaviour.

Their respect for the kind and forgiving Guru Sahiban increased many-fold, and they realized that it was not the Guru who depended on them it was rather them whose life depended on the Guru. They had come with a prepared composition in the form of a vaar in praise of all the five Guru Sahiban when they recited at the time of forgiveness.

Day goona sut bhain bharaav hein paarangut daan purreevenday. Nana i k raj chulaaya such kote sataanee neev day. Lehnay dhuriyon chhutt sir ker siftee Amrit peevanday. Mut Gur aatam dev di khurrag joar prakuye jea daiy. Gur chaylay rehras keeyee Nanak slaamut theevenday. Sheh tikka ditto su jeevenday. The Divine qualities like the high moral character and the like, which are needed to swim across the ocean of Maya, are the siblings of Guru Nanak He inherited them.

The fort of the Divine kingdom that Guru Nanak Sahib founded had a strong foundation of the noble qualities like truthfulness. Jote oha joogut saaye Sheh kaayaan pher pulteeye. Jhoollaiy su chhutt Niranjanee mul tukhat baittha Gur hutteeye.

Kuray jo Gur foormaya sil joag aloonee chutteeye. Langar chullaiy Gur Shabad Hur tote nah aavee khutteeye. Khurchay ditt Khusm di aap khehdee khair dubutteeye.

Hoavaiy sift Khusm di noor urshoun koorshoun jhutteeye. Toodh ditthay Suchay Patshah mul janum janum di kutteeye. Such jo Gur foormaya kioun edoon boaloun huteeye. Pootreen kaul nah paaliyo kur Peerhoun kunnh mooruteeye. Dil khotay aakee firn bunnh bhaar oochayan chutteeye. Jin aakhee soyee kuray jin keeti tinaiy thutteeye.

Kaun haaray kin oovutteeye. To most people obeying the orders of the Guru to perfection is a very distasteful difficult task. Balwand says that Your sight destroys the filth of many, many incarnations, oh my Perfect Guru.

They had dishonesty in their minds and behaved like rebels. As a result, they were carrying the needless burden of disobeyance because Guru Nanak who had commanded His successor to carry on His Divine tasks, was Himself doing everything while the successor was simply getting the credit and He Himself had made Guru Angad Sahib capable of doing that.

So, nobody could lose or gain on his own to obey the command. Dharam Rai hai devta laiy gullan kuray dalaali. Satgur aakhaiy Sucha kuray sa baat hovaiy durhaali. Nanak u kayaan pult ker mull baittha tukhat sai daali.

Der sayvay oomut khurrie muskalaiy hoye jungaali. Der dervesh Khasum daiy Naaye Suchaiy baani laali. Balwand Kheevee nek jun jiss bahutee chhaoun putralee.

Langar daulat vundeeye rus amrit kheer ghiyalee. Gur Sikhaan kay mookh oojlay manmookh theeye praalee. Puyye kabool Khasum naal jaa ghaal merdeen ghaalee. Maata Kheevee Shahou soye jinn goye ootthalee. In other words, humility is appreciated much more than baseless conceit. Guru Angad Sahib is now playing a judge of divinity and mediates between the people with problems and Waheguru.

Waheguru does the same thing right away as promised to the Sikhs by Guru Angad Sahib. It seems as if Guru Nanak has Himself changed His body and occupied the throne with a large following.

Maata Kheevee is a very noble person and protects all the Sikhs like a shade tree with dense leaves. She manages the free kitchen where delicious food including milk pudding with lots of butter oil is served, says Balwand.

There is a glow on the faces of GurSikhs, but the individuals who follow their own minds are like the useless stumps of rice plants. Talking about Maata Kheevee Ji she is the one whose husband has under taken the responsibility of enlightening the world. Nanak Eeser Jaganath oochahuddi vain virkiyoan. Madhaana Perbat ker nayter Baashak Shabad rirrakyoan.

Chaudahn ruttan nikaaliun ker aavaagaoun chilkiyoan. Koodrut eh vekhaaliun jinn aivud pind tthinakyoan. Lehnay dheriyoan chhutter sir aasmaan kiyaarra chhikyoan. Jote samaanee Jote maahe aap aapaiy saytee mikyoan. Sikhaan pootraan ghoakh kaiy sabh oomut vekhou j i kiyoan. Jaa soodhou su taa Lehna tikiyoan. People were saying that Guru Nanak, who was the spiritual King of the world, had done something of extremely high level.

It was like the mythical churning of the ocean by the gods and the demons when they used the Sumer Mountain as the churner and the Bashak serpent as the rope to churn and they retrieved 14 precious items. But, instead of the mythical ocean, Guru Nanak Sahib churned the Shabad to get the invaluable Divine qualities whereby the birth and death cycle could be shone broken.

Jup tup sanjam naal toodh hoar mooch groor. Lubb vinaahe maansaan jioun paani boor. Vuriyei durgah Guru ki koodratee noor. Jit su haath nah lubhyee tu ohu tthroor. Nau nidh Naam nidhaan hai toodh vich bharpoor. Ninda teri jo kuraiy so vunjaiy choor. Nerraiy dissaiy maat-loak toodh soojhaiy door. Pher vussaya Pheruaan Satgur i Khadoor. You possess all the noble moral values like remembering Waheguru all the time, meditation and control on Your sensual pleasures, oh Guru Ji!

People who lack these qualities suffer from big conceit. Greed destroys the moral character of humans just like algae does to water. People can see only this world in which we live, but You think much farther. Then the Satguru took residence in Khadoor. Piyoo Daaday jevihaa poata pervaan. Jinn Bashak netraiy ghuttiya ker nehee taan. Jinn Samoond viroliyaa ker Mer madhaan.








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