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Hesse was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in A spiritual guide assists the hero in his quest for self-knowledge and shows the way beyond the world "deluded by money, number and time. His parents expected him to follow the family tradition in theology - they had served as missionaries in India.

Hesse entered the Protestant seminary at Maulbronn in , but he was expelled from the school. After unhappy experiences at a secular school, Hesse left his studies.

During this period Hesse read voluminously and determined the become a writer. Hesse became a freelance writer in after the publication of his novel Peter Camenzind. The book gained literary success and Hesse married Maria Bernoulli, with whom he had three children. Eventually he finds the ultimate enlightenment.

In Hesse and his family took a permanent residence in Switzerland. In the novel Rosshalde Hesse explored the question of whether the artist should marry. During these years his wife suffered from growing mental instability and his son was seriously ill. Hesse spent the years of World War I in Switzerland, attacking the prevailing moods of militarism and nationalism. He also promoted the interests of prisoners of war. Hesse, who shared with Aldous Huxley belief in the need for spiritual self-realization, was called a traitor by his countrymen.

Demian was first published under the name of its narrator, Emil Sinclair, but later Hesse admitted his authorship. In the Faustian tale the protagonist is torn between his orderly bourgeois existence and a chaotic world of sensuality.

Hesse later admitted that Demian was a story of "individuation" in the Jungian manner. Leaving his family in , Hesse moved to Montagnola, in southern Switzerland. Siddharta was written during this period. Its English translation in the s became a spiritual guide to a number of American Beat poets. In the story a spirit, Piktor, becomes an old tree and finds his youth again from the love of a young girl. Hesse divorced from Maria Bernoulli, and married in Ruth Wenger, but the marriage ended after a few months.

These years produced Der Steppenwolf The protagonist, Harry Haller, goes through his mid-life crisis and must chose between life of action and contemplation. That is why so many people live such an unreal life. They take the images outside them for reality and never allow the world within to assert itself. Betrachtungen and Krieg und Frieden were collections of essays, which reflected his individualism and opposition to mass movements of the day.

Narziss und Goldmund , Narcissus and Goldmund was a pseudomedieval tale about an abbot and his worldly pupil, both in search of the Great Mother. In Hesse married Ninon Dolbin Ninon was Jewish. She had sent Hesse a letter in when she was 14, and the correspondence had continued. In they met accientally. At that time Ninon was separated - she had married the painter B. Doldin and planned a career as an art historian. Hesse moved with her to Casa Bodmer, and his restless life became more calm.

When he wrote for the Frankfurter Zeitung Jewish refugees in France accused him of supporting the Nazis, whom Hesse did not openly oppose. However, he helped political refugees and when Narcissus and Goldmund was reprinted in , he refused to leave out parts which dealt with pogroms and anti-Semitism.

In he was placed on the Nazi blacklist. In Hesse began to work on his masterpiece Das Glaspelenspiel , which was published in In Hesse sent the manuscript to Berlin for publication. After receiving the Nobel Prize Hesse published no major works. Between the years and he wrote some 50 poems and about 32 reviews mostly for Swiss newspapers.

Hesse died of cerebral hemorrhage in his sleep on August 9, at the age of eighty-five. In the s and s Hesse became a cult figure for young readers. The interest declined in the s.


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