Kern An availability check can be called up when components are assigned in the order. For these orders, you use the operation overview and the operation detail screens. Maintenance engineer Responsible for the mapping and preventive maintenance of technical systems. Serial Numbers At the conclusion of these exercises, you will be able to: Material number Quantity Item category Plant Storage location Batch Plan further spare parts which you regard as necessary for processing the order. Any Cost center Where do you make these entries? Serial numbers can be entered for items in Handling units for example, boxes, pallets, wire baskets — they can then only be moved with the handling unit.

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Completion of Notifications and Orders The CAD application ensures that the drawing is loaded and displayed as required zooming, highlighting and so on. This program is used to copy the stock verification indicator from the serial number profile into the individual serial numbers. If you use a transaction frequently, you can define this as a favorite. Description of damage and activity. SAP AG When you lp work using operations, you can plan at three different detail levels, depending on the type of maintenance order and the scope of the work planned: The serial numbers to are in stock.

You can display the goods movements that take place for a maintenance order. You can define a status number for each user status. Set the user status Scrapped. You can use customer exit IWO to distribute the order costs proportionately to the objects in the object list. You can use scheduling to determine the dates when operations should be performed.

You are connected to the Graphical Framework GFWwhich can be used to control various external graphic tools. This should be the system used by the majority of users. Maximum number of hierarchy levels: By clicking on the entries, you can switch between the different applications.

You have a function for installing and dismantling equipment with simultaneous goods movement. Delivery date Desired vendor Fixed vendor Account assignment category Request date Release date Check whether or not the services you requested have been transferred to the purchase requisitions. A client is, in organizational terms, an independent unit in the system.

You can create views to improve the structure of a Project IMG. The SAP System generates a measurement document for each measurement reading and counter reading. Use the list editing function for this. Uniqueness is always checked within a labeling system.

In his role as maintenance engineer he manages technical objects. His role as employee means that he needs access to general functions, for example, making a leave request. The client concept enables the parallel operation, in one system, of several enterprises that are independent of each other in business terms. In the results list, you can select a component and copy it into the order.

Possible damage can be shown clearly as valuation codes. You should only use such an item category for items whose sole purpose is to structure maintenance bills of material. Which number is assigned to the notification? Maintenance planner Deals with and monitors malfunctions and requirements, plans and monitors maintenance orders.

This generates a message in the inbox of the addressee. The packages for a strategy can have different cycle units for example, month, yearbut they must always have the same dimension for lo10, time. The structure of the IMG and the IMG tools for example, allocating resources such as project members and the MS Project interface help your project oo to work through the Customizing activities in a rational sequence. Here, you also define how the system should respond in the event of inconsistencies in the stock data: A technical object superordinate level is composed of, for example, 5 wheels.

Further education specifics, courses If the equipment usage periods are displayed at the functional location, the pieces of equipment and entire hierarchy can be seen at the top of an equipment hierarchy.

Task list The task list group combines task lists with similar topics from logical and datarelated perspectives. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of SAP AG.

The alternative labeling here refers only to the number of the functional location.


SAP Landscape Transformation

Kigazuru Further education specifics, courses In the second step you choose the structuring instruments for each object functional location, equipment, assembly, materialand create the structure. Little inspection Daily average To which cost center does the equipment belong after it has been lo You need a primary counter performance counterwhich measures the period of time or a distance for example, the kilometers traveled or the operating hours. All technical characteristics become available for an object when a technical object for example, equipment is assigned to a class. Note the last serial number to be assigned when doing this. For the list processing of fleet objects, you have the option of selecting by fleet-specific sxp. The actual resources required are then settled to the material when the order is settled not when it reaches the warehouse. Person responsible for work center: This consists of the workplaces, at which all the necessary preparatory work is organized, for example, materials planned, and task lists created.

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SAP LO Modul - Logistik allgemein

Vohn When the serial number profile is set in the appropriate way, the serial number must be specified. Object Service and File Link At ssp conclusion of these exercises, you will be able to: Finally, enter the parameter ID and desired value in your user profile: You use the availability check function for this. The manufacturer has already created a structure of functional locations to support the manufacturing process. You have mapped an apartment building in the SAP System by means of a functional location hierarchy. Use the existing standard text to do this. If material withdrawals should also be posted in the overall completion confirmation, proceed as follows: By clicking on the entries, you can switch between the different applications.



The pipeline links of a building should be represented in the system. You create the characteristics centrally in the SAP system. Untagging is carried out on location: Class, object type, reference data, and manufacturer data. The group wap is the sequence number of a task list within the task list group.



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