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Parker Van Zandt, the owner of Scenic Airways , in However, the reasoning for the name is apparently unknown. Scenic Airways collapsed in after the infamous Black Friday stock market crash. Standard Air Lines had been serving Phoenix since late through a different airport and began landing at Sky Harbor on August 5, Standard was acquired by American Airways in which later became American Airlines.

American extended the route eastward to New York by way of Dallas, Nashville, and many other cities making for a southern transcontinental route across the United States. Arizona Airways began intrastate service within Arizona in and merged into Frontier Airlines in which added new routes to Denver, Albuquerque, and El Paso. Bonanza Airlines began service by with a route to Las Vegas and Reno making several stops at smaller communities.

Bonanza merged with two other carriers to become Air West in and was changed to Hughes Airwest in adding several new routes, including service to Mexico, creating a hub at Phoenix.

After World War II the airport began work on a new passenger terminal, as well as a new parallel runway and a diagonal runway. Bonanza merged with two other airlines to form Air West, which became Hughes Airwest after Howard Hughes bought it in He founded America West Airlines in , which began service from Phoenix in and doubled in size during its first year.

By the end of the decade America West was serving over 80 cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico and was lobbying for transpacific service. Southwest opened a maintenance facility at PHX in which was its largest. In the N4 International Concourse was opened, adding 10 gates and a sterile walkway to the S4 concourse. In construction began on the gate N1 concourse for America West Airlines. On the south side of the terminal, construction began in on the eight-gate S2 concourse for Southwest Airlines.

This project was completed in and has a different architectural design from the other six concourses. The eighth and final concourse for Terminal 4 began construction in May Although AWA enjoyed further growth at Phoenix during the s the aftermath of the September 11, attacks strained its financial position.

US Airways was then merged into American Airlines in which continues to build upon the largest hub operation at Phoenix Sky Harbor. The flight was first operated with a Douglas DC aircraft but soon upgraded to a Boeing In the same time frame there were over The airport administration states that the designation Terminal 1 has been "retired" and that it did not wish to renumber the other terminals since passengers were already familiar with the numbers in place.

Following completion of the Terminal 3 Modernization Project in early , the remaining Terminal 2 airlines were moved to the Terminal 3 North concourse. Bus gates are planned to be operated on the Terminal 2 site.

It has since relocated to Terminal 4 as the new USO. This terminal underwent two renovation projects. The first was completed in Delta operates a Sky Club in the terminal. The Terminal 3 Modernization project involved three components, which improved the capacity and convenience features of the terminal.

This project updated the terminal after its previous renovation in Component One opened December and redeveloped the central terminal building, creating a consolidated security checkpoint, new airline ticket counters, an updated Museum Gallery, HVAC enhancements, and increased baggage handling capacity.

Component Two involved the complete demolition and reconstruction of the southern concourse, which was opened in January The terminal opened in October The north concourse houses gates 15— In the terminal was named in honor of the now-late Senator John McCain. It holds 84 gates A, B, C, and D within 7 concourses. Terminal 4 is the exclusive international customs arrival terminal. Reflecting its longtime presence at Sky Harbor, American operates three Admirals Club locations in the terminal.

In late October , British Airways began using the Boeing Dreamliner with a capacity of people which replaced the year-round Boeing The aircraft operates daily until March when it switches back to the


London Heathrow Airport





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