Alone in the bedroom she shared with Mac, Karen dumped her gifts onto the bed and looked at them. More questioning had revealed that pearl necklaces and earrings had not been the gifts given. Or at least as good as, she thought, remembering the office, with her desk about a million miles from his. Opening it, she saw that it was a short contract signed by Mac and witnessed by Steve.

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Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I will spoil this one, because its too good not to! They are seriously a dream, the whole family is just amazing. I remember reading a book where the Montgomery and Taggert family come together through a marriage, I was elated.

Anyway here comes Mac Taggert, he is a rich man, has a business where Karen works in. Karen is is a widow, she is still mourning her husband, and her sister in law and best I will spoil this one, because its too good not to!

Karen is is a widow, she is still mourning her husband, and her sister in law and best friend keeps telling her that she needs ot get remarried, because its about time. Karen really just wants a child. At this point she doesnt want to deal with a man, she feels she wont find that spark that she had with her late husband in no other man. Karen, works in an office full of women, beautiful women, and a revolving door of women leaving the office broken heartded.

Karen helps type up prenups for Taggert, and she sees for herself how much of a monster he is. To be his fiance at a family friends wedding. Taggert agrees and there starts their romance. I loved how Karen was about to be so headstrong with him, and shes also so smart. Taggert found out that she is also very business savvy and they discuss ideas about some of his businesses, and he speaks to her about the business she was running with her husband.

Which was a fail at the end because the actual owner was a douche and she got herself out of the business with over 50K in her pocket after all she has done for the business.


Jude Deveraux

But lack of makeup only revealed perfect skin, high cheekbones, and eyes like dark emeralds. She was as dark as Karen was fair, half a foot shorter, and voluptuous. Remember that red dress you had, slit so high your tonsils were visible? But how you and Ray looked when you danced together was worth it! Those legs of yours had every man in the room drooling. Every man in Denver was drooling!


Just Curious (2012)

Just Curious 6 Jude Deveraux An hour later, after a quick breakfast, she and Mac were walking to the rental car, and on the lawn were the bridegroom and other men playing ball. Steve shouted to Mac, asking him to come play with them. Feeling quite flattered, Karen smiled brilliantly at all the young men playing touch football and she smiled even more brightly when she saw that Mac was frowning. Looking up at him, she saw that male shrug that meant that she was in charge. I called him my elephant. Three hours later, Karen was exhausted but exhilarated. He never wanted to take the time to consider which of any two purchases was better.

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