Shelves: jaqueline-wilson , challenge Even though I am 34 and this book is meant for 9 year olds, I really enjoyed it. Somehow Jacqueline Wilson manages to describe the experience of being a little girl so perfectly and realistically that it all came flooding back how horrible little girls can be to each other, but also how fun it was at times. The sad part is that even when we grow up we still see people acting like Chloe, the horrible little girl in this book. When she meets a few girls that are good company and have regular sleepovers at each others house, things are going well until Chloe begins to use snide remarks towards Daisy because they both want Emily as there best friend. This makes Daisy conscious as she is part of the gang now and having a sister thats disable that cannot walk or talk would only gives Chloe more of a reason to open her mouth and be mean. Its great to have seen Daisy is a new girl at school and really wants some friends!

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Share Sleepovers is a book by Jacqueline Wilson published in They have a special secret Alphabet Club, due to their names beginning with the first five letters of the alphabet Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily. When Amy has a sleepover for her eighth birthday, the others decide they will all do the same, but Daisy is worried about how her friends will react to her big sister Lily, who has had special needs since she was born. Chloe who deliberately turned up late took the mickey out of Lily for having a rather large chair and also warned Daisy she had better be more careful with her big sister.

In the middle of the night Chloe needed to go to the toilet so she woke up Daisy and then hand in hand they both went inside upstairs. The next morning, it is revelaed that Chloe was driven home that night. Amy, Bella, Daisy and Emily laugh about Chloe wetting herself. They all play together, with Lily, feeding her sweets and styling her hair and playing charades, until their parents come to collect them.

Emily reveals that she will finally stand up to Chloe, and asks Daisy to be her new best friend. The next day, at school, Chloe is seen mocking Daisy, her sleepover and her sister, Lily, to a group of other girls.

Amy, Bella, Daisy and Emily all stand up to Chloe, and Chloe breaks friends with all of them, and storms off with the other group of girls. Daisy says that now she and Emily are best friends, and Amy and Bella are best friends, and the group go around together now, and its all thanks to Lily!




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