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Contact us IRAM is an international research institute for radio astronomy. Its overall objective is to explore the universe and to study its origins and evolution. With a staff of more than scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative personnel, IRAM develops and maintains two observatories: the meter telescope located on the Pico Veleta near Granada, Spain, and the NOEMA interferometer currently an array of ten meter telescopes in the French Alps.

Both instruments are prime facilities for radio astronomy and among the most powerful observatories today operating at millimetre wavelengths. Now the collaboration has extracted new information from the EHT data on the distant quasar 3C they observed the finest detail ever seen in a jet produced by a supermassive black hole. March 6, Guidelines for IRAM users and visitors during the corona virus epidemy The evolution of the Coronavirus COVID over recent days requires us to update and strengthen prevention measures for staff and visitors.

In this context, we wish to inform you on the present update of preventive measurements for IRAM users and visitors. October 28, A revised timeline for planetary formation? Surprisingly, the researchers discovered the presence of large grains whose size grows as one gets closer to the central star. The presence of such large grains, formed only a few years after the beginning of the gravitational collapse of the molecular cloud from which the star will form, is completely unexpected. September 10, IRAM Conference, Multi-line Diagnostics of the Interstellar Medium - 30 March - 01 April The conference aims to bring together scientists from a wide interdisciplinary community to address recent advances, current challenges and future directions in the field.

The conference will feature three days of contributed and invited talks as well as posters on the topic of multi-line observations, analysis and modeling research. Hundreds of researchers on the Event Horizon Telescope EHT team, including an important number of IRAM scientists will share the Breakthrough prize in fundamental physics for their image of the black hole at the heart of Messier 87, a galaxy 55 million light years from Earth. Congratulations to the entire team, across 60 institutions and 20 countries!

May 20, Filaments around the Horsehead Nebula are still too young to form stars An extensive observational survey of the Orion B molecular cloud shows why so few stars are forming in its dense gaseous filaments, despite the fact that the cloud shares similarities with other star forming regions.

April 10, First-ever picture of a black hole The first ever image of a black hole has been obtained with the Event Horizon Telescope EHT , a dedicated array of eight radio-antennas over four continents, which includes the IRAM meter telescope.

This image reveals the shadow of the supermassive black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy. March 21, 3D rendering of the environment of a red supergiant star An international team of astronomers led by Dr.

The material expelled by the star during its late evolutionary stage provides the building blocks for future planetary and star forming systems.

The rate at which the material is expelled is key to understand the further evolution of the star to its next stage, a supernova.


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