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We have an agreement with Basen themselves and buy only manufacturer direct for these so the chances of issues are small, but we test anyway. Batteries are sold individually. Manufacturer ratings: Please see more information regarding manufacturer ratings here. Battery Warning Warning: Lithium ion batteries may explode or burn due to improper use. We are not responsible for any injuries caused by lithium ion batteries - use at your own risk.

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Discharge current: 47A 5 Sec. OFF Max. Short circuits may cause a fire and injury! Charge battery fully to 4. Use high-quality charger specifically designed to charge Li-ion batteries. Do not charge unattended.

Always keep your battery that is not in use inside the plastic battery holder container. Do not keep a bare battery in your pocket, purse, or anywhere together with other metal conductive objects. Never attach any metal moving part magnet to the top positive or the bottom negative battery contact. If the battery is damaged in any way stop using it immediately.

Never discharge a Li-ion battery at a rate exceeding the maximum discharge current specified for that battery. Never use force to install insert Li-ion battery. Do not use old, and new batteries together. Do not solder directly onto the battery. Do not immerse in any liquid. Do not drop the battery. Always keep it in a plastic protective holder. Do not place the battery in high-pressure containers, microwave ovens, or on induction cookware.

Immediately discontinue use of the battery if, while using, charging or storing the battery, the battery emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color or shape, or appears abnormal in any other way. Do not carry, or store the batteries together with hairpins, necklaces, or other conductive metal objects. Do not expose to heat. Do not disassemble, or modify the battery.

Keep the battery away from children, and pets. Never charge, or store the batteries inside your car in extreme temperature. Extreme temperatures low or high might ignite the battery, and cause a fire. Do not short connect positive, and negative battery terminals contacts intentionally, or unintentionally.

Never charge the battery over 4. Never charge the battery at a current exceeding manufacturer-specified charging current. Do not expose the battery to water or salt water, or allow the battery to get wet. You must verify polarity before connecting the battery to the host device or charger.

Never completely discharge the Li-ion battery below 2. It is your responsibility to determine that your charger and host device works properly. On battery electrolytes exposure to skin, flush with water immediately. If eye exposure occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes, and seek emergency care immediately. What is short circuit? The current will become extremely high because there is no resistance in the path to limit current flow.

This Short circuit will result in dangerously high temperature which may cause a fire. These cells are only for prototyping with proper electronic protection circuits, and not for stand-alone use.


26650, Pil



26650 Battery 47A Orbtronic 4350mAh Rechargeable Flat Top High Discharge-High Drain IMR Li-ion 3.7V


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