Arazilkree The multitasking user interface allows you to quickly do more things. Online Photo Service The player introduces you the ability to project images on your HDTV directly from an image and video hosting solution currently available on the web. Dynamically change the subtitle display by remote control. Perfekt stand med original emballasje osv.

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The payment link above is for pre-order deposits for batch 2, ready for despatch approx OCT. For pre-order information, please see this forum thread.

We have taken a few photos of the B here. The most complete review, with lots of detailed pictures is here translated Chinese : PCOnline. The Android dual boot feature is not available in the launch firmware, but will be available as a firmware upgrade shortly after.

The player looks fantastic and is constructed to a very high standard. The front panel is glass with a VFD display and touch buttons. The player body is brushed aluminium and the internal HDD is accessed by an innovative top hatch. HDMI 1. The last of these is particularly important as it is used for Blu-Ray video. Note that all equipment must be HDMI 1. Android Dual Boot As well as being the most complete Media Player available anywhere, the B is equipped to dual boot into the Android operating system.

This feature opens up a whole world of new uses via Android Apps. There are ,s of Android Apps, covering every possible application. The range and quality of Apps available for Android is a huge improvement on the limited Apps available for some other Media Players. Extensive Firmware Development HiMedia are a large company with the resources to develop their firmware.

Previous player generations have shown that HiMedia consistently offer a higher degree of firmware support than other manufacturers. Check out our Knowledgebase for a list of official firmware updates. At the back you have an HDMI 1. Whatever your setup, the B will connect to it. In practical terms this means that you can transfer large file between your network and the player at lightening speeds.

Internal mbps Wi-Fi n The B comes complete with internal fast Wi-Fi n , complete with an external antenna for great signal strength. Comprehensive Networking Support Samba is fully supported both as a client so you can access Windows networks and as a host so you can use the player as a NAS. Performance is much improved on the previous generation and, combined with the lower power usage of the chipset and the Gigabit LAN, make the B a very viable option as a NAS.

NFS networking is also supported. Virtually every digital audio format is supported including very high end audio such as 24bit Khz FLAC. This saves power and prolongs the life of your drive. The web browser is quick to access and in loading pages.

It is good for browsing simple websites like Facebook, Twitter, and news sites on your TV. The browser currently requires the use of a mouse and preferably a keyboard. Comprehensive Subtitle Options Subtitle options are vast, with the B adding an auto subtitle language detection mode as well as custom subtitle fonts.

The rest of the subtitle system is based on the Casablanca interface so you get comprehensive subtitle size, colour, positioning, and delay settings. All popular formats are supported with no practical limit to images size.





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