While coming standard with a user capacity of employees, it does have the ability to be expanded to 3, In addition to providing all of the features that the other models have, the HandPunch has a total of 10 extra function keys for more flexible programming capability. This will provide a method for employees to enter data at the terminal such as tips, department or job transfers, number of pieces produced, etc. However, the biggest difference is that it is the only hand geometry reader to incorporate an integrated bar code scanner. This allows the employees to bypass the use of the numeric keys when entering their unique PIN. This can help facilitate speed of punching for companies with a very large amount of employees.

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Do It By Hand Schlage Biometrics brings the convenience and accuracy of biometric technology easily within grasp of any time and attendance application with the HandPunch The risks and costs that come from lost, stolen or duplicates without authorization are eliminated. This solution results in more accuracy, productivity and profitability for you company.

For mid-size companies, the HandPunch time attendance system will provide a substantial return on your investment by eliminating the cost associated with the management of administering cards. For companies with small multiple locations, or minimal supervision the likelihood of time theft due to buddy punching can be a real issue.

Communications AMG HandPunch recognition system comes standard with RS connectivity, allowing for quick integration into your existing network infrastructure and time management systems.

Hand Geometry Technology With proven biometric technology for hand geometry, the Biometric HandPunch time clock from Schlage, captures an image of the hand each time an employee clocks-in or clocks-out.

The hands shape and size is used to verify their identity with amazing accuracy. No palm prints or fingerprints are utilized. The technology works well in harsh environments as well as indoors. The swipe-style reader supports the most poplar bar code formats and allows for infrared badges.

Antimicrobial Protection Biometric hand readers like the HandPunch comes with a silver based anti-microbial agent which is integrated into the materials used to replicate the platen. This provides a finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. This remains active for the life of the HandPunch terminal. Hand Outline The HandPunch includes a blue outline of a hand printed on the platen.

Saves money over card-based systems. Eliminates badges. Signal Bell and Access Control Relay Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available. Weight: 6 lbs 2. Verification Time: Less than one second. Memory Retention: Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery. Transaction Storage: transactions. ID Number Length: 1 to 10 digits from keypad or card. User Capacity: users Expandable to 3, and 51, Template Size: 9 bytes.

Baud Rate: to Hardware Requirements.


HandPunch 4000 Biometric | Hand Punch 4000



HandPunch 4000


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