Fred ha dirigido seminarios en EE. Disfruta de viajar y realizar actividades al aire libre. Fred vive en su velero, navegando, buceando y pescando en el mar Caribe. Es un intento de ayudar a las personas que trabajan en el mundo de la empresa a descubrir como gerenciar a seres humanos que son conscientes, a diferencia de seres inanimados que son inconscientes. Es imposible conseguir esa comunidad simplemente tratando de triunfar en los negocios.

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Axialent is the global leader in culture transformation. We help multinational organizations drive sustainable business results by creating effective behavioral change in people throughout departments, across languages and around the world.

The increasingly fast pace of change can be overwhelming. Companies must be innovative to face a turbulent present and an uncertain future. But how do you transform a siloed bureaucracy into a fast, collaborative team of innovators with a shared purpose? Learn More Execution Excellence Speed and agility are required now more than ever.

Alignment in execution is vital to achieve impeccability and enable it to go fast while navigating the VUCA. Learn More what our clients are saying Following the Axialent program, I clearly understood the task I faced to transform the culture within the business I was responsible for.

After listening to hundreds of employees, we created our core values that accelerated our performance to change the culture. We saw better team engagement, happier staff, better turnover and significant improvement of our results.

The last 24 months have been the most successful in the history of Mercado Libre. I am certain that working on our culture has been one of the key factors of this recent success. CFO, Mercado Libre what our clients are saying Working with Axialent has allowed us like never before to increase our ability to take responsibility and create a culture of achievement and cross-collaboration at every level in our organization.

Technology In order to increase its competitiveness in the market, a leading software multinational company initiated a major restructuring from a geography-based structure to a complex, three-dimensional matrix organization. Our latest insights.


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