Mojora Read more Read less. If you are trying to learn techniques, I suggest you look elsewhere. Enough to Make You Blush. Electricity for Pleasure and Pain that could provide the information needed.

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About this title From powerful and intense to subtle and sublime More Family Jewels explores and explains the ins and outs of male genitorture. The word genitorture might bring some frightening images to mind, but in reality it is not always about pain.

It can incorporate a full range of sensations from sensual to painful. Explained in detail through stories and personal anecdotes, Hardy Haberman gives the reader more tools and tips to enhance their sex lives. Heterosexual and homosexual readers alike will find these accounts erotic as well as educational. Basic safety and anatomy are combined with advanced techniques to make this book relevant to almost anyone interested in BDSM activities as well as a glossary to help the newcomer understand the language of the dungeon.

In the practice of male genitorture, there are delights for both the giver and receiver that are sure to bring a powerful new experience to any relationship. Considering himself a "Pain Technologist". All rights reserved. Because of that, I strongly suggest taking any serious medical questions you might have about the safety of a particular activity to your physician.

If you do not feel comfortable talking with him or her about these kinds of things, perhaps you need a different doctor. There are lots of qualified professionals out there who will understand, sometimes it just takes a little shopping around to find them.

I can, however, give you some general advice on how to play safely that I have learned. The toys I am talking about are not those you buy, but those you or your play partner were born with. If you have a question if something will cause permanent damage, err on the side of caution. Get qualified medical advice if necessary, and that does not mean after the fact! Second, make sure everything you do has been negotiated.

This does not mean you have to have a list with lengthy details of exactly what will happen in a scene for your partner to sign off on. It means that you and whoever you are going to play with have a reasonable idea of what may be involved and what general direction the scene will go.

It also means having some sort of safeword or signal that either player can use to end the scene for whatever reason necessary. Tops can have safewords, too! The negotiation can be very simple, especially if you are known for a specific kind of scene. You simply ask the bottom if they know what kind of scenes you like. If they answer in the affirmative, and they can tell you a little of what they expect, you are going to be fine. Third, and this is important.

Be aware of any health problems prior to the scene starting. For example if you are playing with a man who has Asthma, be sure he has any needed medications available. Sometimes while playing, some bottoms hyperventillate and that may trigger an asthma attack. Having a rescue bronchodilator handy can save a trip to the hospital.

A person with a communicable disease such as HIV or any other blood borne pathogen will change the way you play with them.


ISBN 13: 9781890159344

Shelves: bdsm , cbt , i-have-one I enjoyed this "How-to" book. It contains everything that is necessary to understand what to do and avoid: basics of BDSM plays safeword, discussion on limits , anatomy of male genitalia, health and safety tips, ingredients toys and methodology. And the recipes CBT scenes demonstrate that we can have fun torturing the genitals of another man or having his own tortured. The POV is unusual: second person. You like the thought


Hardy Haberman



Family Jewels : A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment by Hardy Haberman (2001, Paperback)


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