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It was first published on July 4, and sold more than one million copies. This page book provides explicit descriptions and analysis on a wide range of suicide methods such as overdose, hanging, jumping, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is not a suicide manual for the terminally ill. The book provides matter-of-fact assessment of each method in terms of the pain it causes, effort of preparation required, the appearance of the body and lethality. I, geefitch, did not translate this myself, but I did clean it up as much as possible to make it more understandable. Some bits are still a bit hazy, but you get the gist. I neither condemn nor condone suicide by posting this, rather The Complete Manual of Suicide is one of my many morbid interests and I find the preface quite disturbing.

Culturally, I feel this is some striking and unique stuff. So yeah, just wanted to throw in a little perspective in there. Anyway, enjoy. The Complete Manual of Suicide Foreword This book describes the methods of committing suicide in detail.

It was not written by people who have attempted to commit suicide many times, and it is not written to explain the reasons behind committing suicide. Although the book can be treated as a record of events, the whole book follows the main objective of showing anyone how to commit suicide.

However, the book was not well organized and is boring. We only need to know the ways to commit suicide, not any other unrelated things. Speaking of this, I want to start introducing drug overdose. A student rebellion took place 20 years ago. I was waiting for my time to show off my ability. Everyone thought that someone great would emerge. The Apollo landed on the moon.

The oil crisis. I thought my actions would affect the whole world. But it just caused a little vibration - only a wall collapsed. Students faced each another and smiled. The revolutionists of the 80s were greatly depressed. At last, everyone realized that there would be no time to show off their own ability, the 22nd century must arrive. There will never be an end of the world. We were born on this stage of past events.

We will wake at 7am, either going to work or going to school afterwards. We will repeat the pointless speeches. At school, we keep reciting English vocab, histories, the reign titles; at work, we keep saying senseless things while we keep on working over different senseless projects, for a few weeks, a few months or a few years. New inventions will be introduced at a slow pace. The slow-paced politician will keep on accepting bribes. The TV programs keeps on bringing excitement to its audience at a slow pace.

After we switch off the TV, it will be just another ordinary day. Happiness keeps on emerging repeatedly at a slow pace. Substantial events keep on emerging repeatedly at a slow pace. This is the first element leading to suicide. Another brick in the wall A bridge maze suicide event took place in Japan in Two sisters living in Toyoma, Japan were found dead, hanging on a tree. In a diary which belonged to one of the two sisters, four straight lines and several sidelines were drawn on one of the pages, forming a maze a form of game finding the root by following the lines drawn.

These incomprehensible words. At the end of the 50s, scholars of the US said that everyone seems to lack strength. Even in the 90s, this situation has not changed in Japan. Just like the old days, we are still a brick in the wall. The proof is, assume one of us dies; there must be a replacement for the deceased very soon.

Everyone can be replaced by somebody else. Therefore, no politician warrants assassination. That is just one brick less in the wall, the wall will not collapse. Life is unimportant. This is the second element leading to suicide. Clockwork Orange We, people who lack strength, keep doing the same things repeatedly. At this stage, only a thin line separates living and dead. The convincing words which can stop one from committing suicide vanish; the signal for committing suicide emerges. Yes, you can commit suicide.

If you feel discomfort, resentment or even pain in your daily life at school or at work, you can take one step across that thin line into death. No one can stop you. Just like the previous paragraphs, nothing will change even if you stay alive and keep on facing these challenges.

Your life will essentially be growing up and receiving your education in your hometown. If you are a man, you will get married between the ages of 25 to 30 and have your first child the following year. You will face several changes in your occupation, and at most be promoted as a manager.

You will retire at 60 years old, and spend the rest of you life enjoying your habits. Finally, you face death. This is what you will get. If this is the case, living an ordinary life is meaningless. You live as if you are the chicks in the farms, destined to be consumed in future.

You are not living your own life. Committing suicide is a positive act. Angel Dust I have a friend. People feel dazed after taking it and would be able to jump off a high-rise building without feeling anything.

He has put the drug into a metal follicle and has attached it to a necklace, bringing it along with him wherever he goes. He lives in idleness and is very happy about it. I hope this book can be your little metal follicle necklace.


El completo manual del suicidio - Wataru Tsurumi (PDF) [MF]





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