EasyMock 2 is a library that provides an easy way to use Mock Objects for given interfaces. EasyMock 2 is available under the terms of the Apache 2 license. Mock Objects simulate parts of the behavior of domain code, and are able to check whether they are used as defined. Domain classes can be tested in isolation by simulating their collaborators with Mock Objects.

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However, the larger and more complex an interface becomes, the more onerous it is to write individual documenyation for each unit test. The failure occurs immediately at the first method call exceeding the limit: So the code will need to be recompiled. During partial mocking, if your method sasymock test is calling some private methods, you will need to test them as well since you cannot mock them.

A mock created with the Mock method will fails in such a case. Sometimes you may need to mock eaysmock some methods of a class and keep the normal behavior of others. EasyMock can save a lot of legwork and make unit tests a lot faster to write. This method can then be called to overload them. In this case, the first thing to do is to consider a refactoring since most of the time this problem was caused by a bad design. Class mocking also gives you the option to replace some of the methods in a class with mocks while leaving others intact.

Using Easy Mock and JUnit 4. However, this case should be quite rare. I can be a little pickier and specify EasyMock. Proxy, odcumentation seems like you saved us lot of trouble. EasyMockSupport is a class that exist to help you keeping track of your mock.

This can documentaton change for a given mock if makeThreadSafe mock, false is called during the recording phase. Getting Started When you run this test with the buggy code in Listing 4, the test fails with this error message:. This is the old version of niceMock Classwhich is more completion friendly.

Most parts of a software system do not dcumentation in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. Creates a control, order checking is disabled easyjock default, and the mock objects created by this control will return 0null or false for unexpected invocations. If you use Maven, the final required dependencies will look like this:.

We may specify the call count with the method times int times on the object returned by expectLastCall. Creates a mock object, of the requested type, that implements the given interface or extends the given class.

Creates a control, order checking is disabled by default, and the mock objects created by this control will return 0null or false easgmock unexpected invocations. The implementation is straightforward: Expects a short argument greater than the given value. EasyMock is an open source mock object library for the Java programming language that helps you quickly and easily create mock objects for all these purposes.

As you probably guessed, this simply sets the getRate method to throw the specified exception when invoked. The IMocksControl allows to create more than one Mock Object, and so it is possible to check the order of method calls between mocks. To match an actual method call on the Mock Object odcumentation an expectation, Object arguments are by default compared with equals. Related Articles.



Why Great testing includes isolation Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of cases, we do not care about using real collaborators implementation in unit testing, as we trust these collaborators. Mock Objects replace collaborators of the unit under test. How Isolation involves Mock Objects To test a unit in isolation or mount a sufficient environment, we have to simulate the collaborators in the test. A Mock Object is a test-oriented replacement for a collaborator. It is configured to simulate the object that it replaces in a simple way. In contrast to a stub, a Mock Object also verifies whether it is used as expected.



EasyMock 3. Just add the following dependency to your pom. Standalone It contains the easymock The bundle also contains jars for the javadoc, the tests, the sources and the samples Android Since 3. Just add EasyMock and Dexmaker as dependencies of the apk project used to test your application. It is a good idea to exclude Cglib since Dexmaker is used instead. You can also have a look at the samples and the Getting Started.

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