Incremento de la productividad Lograr resultados con el mnimo de sus recursos es una de las ventajas ms importantes del Downsizing, especialmente en sectores altamente competitivos. Dado que la parte laboral es en general una proporcin alta del costo total del producto o servicio, una drstica disminucin de personal, en reas no sensibles de la empresa, disminuye los costos de manera significativa. Este logro puede ser la diferencia entre permanecer o desaparecer. Muchos de los problemas que enfrentan las organizaciones se derivan de la burocratizacin, que tiende a provocar lentitud y complejidad en los procesos, poco espacio para la creatividad y la innovacin, deficiencias en la calidad de los servicios, y dificultades para definir la responsabilidad, entre otras. El quitar peso a la organizacin la hace ms rpida para actuar, flexible y adaptable, lo que le permite concentrarse en lo que mejor sabe hacer. Facilita las comunicaciones Estructuras menos complicadas y mayormente orientadas a los aspectos sustantivos, hacen posible la reduccin de emisores y canales de comunicacin, por ende, en la consistencia y racionalidad con que se maneja la informacin.

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The reason you are downsizing plays a major factor in determining your time-frame. For example, if you are thinking about downsizing in a couple years after retirement or the kids leave for school, that gives us plenty of time to plan.

We can figure out where you want to live next, what you want to take with you, and what the budget and location will be. The more time you have to plan, the better. We work with you to help establish your time-frame.

If you have a couple years, I can help you plan out home improvements and sort through belongings. We can map out a monthly plan on projects you should have completed and boxes you should have cleared from the property. During that more urgent time-frame, we will help you figure out where you are moving, determine if you need assistance moving, and create a plan for sorting through your stuff. We want to make the transition as easy for you as possible.

The second thing to consider is, are you staying local or planning on moving to a totally new area. We also need to discuss what you can afford, of course.

You might sell or pass it on to your family, for example. More and more homeowners are choosing to purchase and live in smaller homes, and there are many different reasons for it.

The first step in this process would be to sit down with you and find out what your needs are. There are many different homes with different amenities that you can downsize into, but we want one that will fit your needs perfectly.

Townhomes work well for a lot of our clients. They average about 2, square feet and you have less yard maintenance and outside work. Condos are another popular option, especially the garden style combo.

These communities are usually 55 and older, but they have a range of clubs and activities for you to participate in. The prices range depending on the amenities you need and how much care you require, but there are a few different assisted living places in our area that offer varying levels of assistance.

As a real estate agent, I can help you choose a good place to downsize into. Now that you have started planning your move, what are the plans for preparing your current home for the market?

Here in Northern Virginia, many of you are still seeing neighborhoods with very tight inventory. As well as, multiple offer situations, and even bidding wars. You may be surprised to find that the value of your home has risen substantially. When downsizing, there are a few areas you should pay attention to: maintenance, updates, and staging. At this point, the decluttering process should be underway. We will help you come up with a time-frame to make your house look like a model home when it goes to the market.

We also give you staging advice throughout the process. However, we will spend a couple of hours with you. After that, we give you a list of recommendations to prepare your home for sale, both inside and outside. These recommendations will get you a good return on investment. If you need help getting rid of your possessions, we can introduce you to someone who can help. We can find someone to be there as often as you need. We really enjoy guiding you through this process.

We are here to make sure everything goes smoothly and that your move is successful. Do you have a one bedroom place? Or is it a townhome? When you look at the reality of the situation, the emotional stress wanes. Sometimes a third party input is what you need making these decisions. When it comes to family heirlooms, keepsakes, or other things you treasure, you should probably keep them.

However, make a distinction between things you need to live in the home and things you need to keep for family or loved ones. I know this process can be daunting. However, I created this value-added service to better serve the surrounding community. Clearly, there are many things that come into play with such a major decision.


Downsizing=Rightsizing, and It’s So Good for So Many Reasons

But mixing and mingling with others is easier than ever because most communities have intranets to share information about socializing opportunities. The term may conjure up images of that time twenty years ago when their Uncle Johnny lost his job and their cousins had to move to an apartment because they could no longer afford their house. It may seem a little smarter, a little trendier, and a little more upbeat and positive. Many downsize primarily because they want to spend money on experiences and not on high utility bills and other costs associated with maintaining a large house.


Rightsizing: Un enfoque práctico



Conheça as vantagens e desvantagens na aplicação de um downsizing na empresa


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