Guktilar Genetic diversity, structure, and breed relationships in Consanguinidac sheep. Carrera 75Bloque 47, oficinaCiudadela Robledo. Discussion We studied the genetic diversity of three Colombian indigenous sheep breeds by using microsatellite molecular markers. In general, all breeds showed high genetic diversity. Peakall R, Smouse P. Genetic characterization of Colombian indigenous sheep 1.

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Gardajin This suggests a very low level of genetic differentiation between the populations studied. Therefore, the results of the distance matrix and the phylogenetic tree can be explained by the common geographical location, the origin of these breeds and the breeding practices to obtain genetically improved individuals through crossbreeding strategies.

European breeds introduced to the region long after the conquest times with the aim of genetically improving wool sheep could make up the third ancestral group. Genetic diversity and population structure of Sicilian sheep breeds using microsatellite markers. Genetic similarity between Colombian sheep breeds could be explained by a high flow of genes between farms that borrow or lease rams and also because of the poor control in breeding programs within sheep farms.

Moreover, most sheep farms in Colombia only have one or two rams, which must be mated with all the females consanhuinidad the flock, thus increasing endogamy and reducing genetic diversity Tolone et al. In addition to this, CRL and MORA breeds are closely bred in the high tropics of Colombia, and the crossing between ovjnos of these breeds is frequent. Evaluation of the genetic diversity of Laiwu pigs using twenty-seven microsatellite markers.

Implications for conservation and management of indigenous sheep populations. Genetic diversity of Chinese indigenous sheep breeds inferred from microsatellite markers. Materials and methods Ethical considerations The protocol used to obtain blood samples was approved by the ethics committee for animal consanguknidad of the Universidad de Antioquia Act 71, June, However, a heterozygosity deficit was present to some extent in all breeds, something mainly attributed to endogamy within sheep flocks.

Genetic characterization of Colombian indigenous sheep 1. Trypanotolerance in West African cattle and the population genetic effects of selection. Characterization of sheep populations of Kenya using microsatellite markers: First, the genetic distances between breeds were determined using the method of Nei with GenAIEx 6.

December 15, ; Accepted: The F STwhich measures the genetic variability explained by differences between breeds was 0. Rusticity, high fertility, and adaptability to harsh conditions are noticeable traits of these animals Radhikag et al. In order to maintain the existing genetic diversity, breeding strategies i. Anim Genet ; 33 3: Consanhuinidad diversity and admixture analysis of Sanfratellano and three other Italian horse breeds assessed by microsatellite markers.

Microsatellite molecular markers have been extensively used with this purpose by several authors Kugonza et al. Genetic characterization of Colombian indigenous sheep. Small Rumin Res ; 85 1: There was no clear differentiation between populations under any of the K values tested Figure 2which indicates high admixture levels. In conclusion, all three Colombian sheep breeds showed high genetic variability, evidenced by high polymorphism and number of alleles per locus for the molecular markers used for genotyping.

The OH ranged oviinos 0. Therefore, most of the total genetic variability comes from differences among individuals Characterizing Nali and Chokla sheep differentiation with microsatellite markers. Microsatellites were amplified in two multiplex PCR assay: Genetic diversity and relationship among Indian goat breeds based on microsatellite markers.

Animal ; 2 7: We also thank all consanguinicad farmers who facilitated the sampling process necessary for conducting this study. Microsatellite cosanguinidad in Japanese quail and cross-species amplification in chicken and guinea fowl. Genetic relationships of the Cuban hair sheep inferred from microsatellite polymorphism. TOP Related Articles.


Parentesco y consanguinidad molecular en ovinos Criollos en Uruguay

All breeds showed F IS levels higher than zero, indicating a general deficit of heterozigote individuals. Original Articles Genetic characterization of Colombian consanguinicad sheep 1. The average PIC for the 10 markers was 0. Genetic characterization of Colombian indigenous sheep Microsatellite molecular markers have been extensively used with this purpose by several authors Kugonza et al. El ovino criollo colombiano. As Figure 2 showed, none of the clusters had a clear differentiation, which suggests the presence of high admixture levels in these sheep breeds. Discussion We studied the genetic diversity of three Colombian indigenous sheep breeds by using microsatellite molecular markers.


Genética en ovinos

Molecular consangujnidad characterization of animal genetic resources. The average NA found in this study Animals and samples Blood samples were collected from sheep of the following Colombian breeds: This could be considered as a phenomenon of introgressive hybridization in which there is a gene flow from one population into the consanguunidad pool of another, but in this case, this introgression would occur between different proportions of the genetic material of three ancestral breeds, as showed by the most likely K value. Genetic diversity of Magra sheep from India using microsatellite analysis. These breeds have been extensively used because of their higher productive performance compared with local indigenous breeds, however, the former do not have the adaptation level of the latter Egito et al. We studied the genetic diversity of three Colombian indigenous sheep kvinos by using microsatellite molecular markers. Genetic diversity and assessment of 23 microsatellite markers for parentage testing of Santa Ines hair sheep in Brazil.


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