Fenrigor DENTA Instrumente haben spezielle, auf die verschiedenen Werkstoffe abgestimmte Verzahnungsarten und Schneidengeometrien, welche einen wirkungsvollen Einsatz garantieren und damit auch beste Arbeitsergebnisse erzeugen. Superfine grit For high-shine polishing without additional final glaze. Create a free account Login. Abrasive trimmer with natural diamond grit. The universal macrofiller composite polisher. The ideal polisher for all micro-filler com-posites.

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Polishers for finishing and polishing porcelain surfaces. Polishers impregnated with high-grade polishing agents for high-lustre polishing. Create a free account Login. The instruments are suitable for the latest preparation techniques and materials with fewer instrument changes and a shorter preparation time. Polishers with natural diamond grit for polishing porcelain surfaces catlaogo a high-lustre.

Hochglanz — Politur, ohne Polierpaste 3 — step diamond polishing system suitable for all porcelain fillings, partial and full-crown restorations. These StarGloss polishers are guaranteed to polish all-ceramics gently and successfully. Polishers with natural catalkgo grit suitable for finishing, polishing and high-lustre polishing of porcelain surfaces. Catalogue download Edenta Diamond Porcelain Polishers New ceramic systems and their processing techniques require new polishing systems.

The optimally coordinated polishing stages ensure consistent, perfect results when polishing porcelain materials, precious metal alloys, gold, semi-precious alloys, composites and acrylics. Discs — Polishing convex surfaces, ideal for polishing smooth surfaces of anterior teeth. O D Komplettes Produktesortiment urch unsere Forschung und Entwicklung garantieren wir ein Produktesortiment welches immer dem aktuellen Stand der Technik entspricht.

Finish, smooth and high-lustre polish without using polishing paste or needing an extra glaze firing. Flames and points for polishing occlusal and lingual surfaces. A comprehensive product range of rotary instruments for dentistry and dental technology from a one-stop supplier.

For polishing porcelain surfaces to a high-lustre, producing a natural sheen without the use of polishing paste. Cups — Polishing convex surfaces and fissures, ideal for polishing interdental spaces due to fine edges. Easy to use and saves time with optimum polishing capacity. Polishers for improved quality and performance suitable for concave and convex surfaces, interdental and occlusal areas and for a natural lustre on all types of filling materials.

Contouring, finishing the anatomical shape. Flexi-Snap Polishing discs produce less surface roughness than conventional discs, which results in a higher lustre.

For pre — grinding, for quick and bulk material reduction. Polishing, smoothing edeenta remaining roughness. Produces a durable lustre. Brillantage avec action anti-oxydante Polishers for finishing and polishing porcelain surfaces. A second glaze firing is not necessary eddnta adjustment. Specifically developed for gently polishing porcelain and all-ceramic restorations zirconia. Flame and point polishers are suitable for polishing occlusal and lingual surfaces. For polishing porcelain surfaces to a highlustre, producing a natural sheen without the use of polishing paste.

Randspaltbildungen werden so verhindert. Medium — coarse grit. Cupules et disques pour le polissage sousgingival et inter-dentaire. High-lustre polishers suitable for gold, amalgam and composite. Konturierung, Ausarbeitung der anatomischen Form. Polishers for all partial porcelain and fullcrown restorations. Can be taken over the tooth enamel when polishing without damaging the enamel. For smoothing the surfaces and preparation for final polishing.

Cups and discs for polishing subgingival and interproximal surfaces. Most 10 Related.


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