Four DNA samples with various degrees of degradation were also tested. Cited By This article is cited by 56 publications. Analytical Chemistry , 85 8 , DOI: Brettell , J.

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Cali, F. Forster, C. Kersting, M. Mirisola, R. De Leo, and V. Marchington, D. Hartshorne, D. Barlow, and J. Image Source: www. A reflection of its ubiquity may be that this section of the bibliography contains the largest number of citations. This section primarily addresses human DNA; however; plant and non-human animal DNA are increasingly playing part in criminal investigations. Conservation Agents often use DNA to solve pouching cases, and plant DNA has been used to identify or link illicit drug evidence such as marijuana to scenes and suspects.

This is perhaps the single most cross-referenced category of the bibliography. One can understand why since almost every material at a crime scene may hold viable DNA evidence as a substrate or questioned sample.

This category also includes references which are, or could be included in that of Geoarchaeology and Soil Science or Excavation and Recovery Strategies.

Many examples, such as Burger or Stone and Stoneking discuss the identification of ancient DNA in spite of the burial of the substrates or their exposure to the elements. The refinement of DNA technology continues to require smaller and smaller amounts of material for examination. Likewise, age and contamination issues are addressed in many citations. Proper collection techniques are not only topics of some references below but also in general crime scene investigation references contained in General Crime Scene and Death Scene Investigation Topics.

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LC-UV quali-quantitative determination of psilocybin and psilocin. This result provides evidence that interactions of the enzyme with the rotating DNA segment can restrict taeki number of supercoils that are unwound. So, we compared the performances of different three HPV genotyping kits using different analytical principles and methods. Further testing is advised before a superior kit is unequivocally chosen. The science kit on marine biology consists of modules which included specimens, books, audiovisual materials and student activities. The taxonomic identification of the biological material dn in the hallucinogenic mushrooms culture media, was carried out using a DNA -based approach, thus highlighting the usefulness bjdowle this approach in the forensic identification of illegal samples also when they are present as basidiospores mixed in culture media and spore-bearing tamei body are not present. Our device, a gel capillary cassette, termed cassette PCR, contains capillary reaction units each holding a defined primer set, with arrays of capillary reaction units for simultaneously detecting multiple targets.

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