Start your review of Genesis: A Commentary Write a review Mar 01, Mark Loughridge rated it really liked it Great commentary, sparked off many trains of thought. Dec 01, Dan rated it really liked it The Book of Genesis is one of the most studied books in the entire Bible. Not only due to its sheer size, nor its placement in the pentateuch, but to the theological that is found within its pages. Therefore there has always been a disproportionate amount of commentaries about this first book of the pentateuch.

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Two statements by Waltke reflect the importance of Genesis: A Commentary. His law the teachings of Scripture is in harmony with the created order. Thus, to flout his revealed moral order is to contradict creation, his created reality. Without revelation humans become confused and depreciate themselves. Waltke claims Genesis 1 is not a record of human history since no humans were present. But why should we limit sources of historical and factual information to the records of human eyewitnesses?

Was God not an eyewitness to His own creation? To suggest that Genesis 1 is not a strictly historical account because no humans were around is ludicrous. It should also be noted that history and theology are not mutually exclusive. This is the one thing that sets Christianity apart from all other world religions and validates its truthfulness.

In adopting such a view, Waltke has taken a subtle but significant step away from historic Christian doctrine and evangelical hermeneutical principles.

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Genesis: A Commentary

A Commentary Bruce K. Waltke, Cathi J. Fredricks Grand Rapids This fine commentary, coauthored by an eminent evangelical Old Testament scholar and his former teaching assistant at Regent College, is a welcome addition to the corpus of works on Genesis. The commentary has a user-friendly format. The discussion of each pericope Genesis is divided into acts and scenes begins with literary analysis, followed by copious exegetical notes and then theological reflections.



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