Beschreibung bei Amazon The English author of historical fiction, was born in September in Oxford. Robin Young grew up in the Midlands and in a small fishing village in Devon. She first discovered she was talented in story telling through her grandfather and was later on lucky to find an enthusiastic English teacher who introduced her to poetry. She won poetry awards and got a position of editing a page in the regional newspaper. Robyn left her home at the age of seventeen and joined Exeter college for her A-levels.

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May 12, Lubna rated it liked it Brethern was a good book. I loved the writing, it did not bore me one single bit even though it was detailed. I even went as far as comparing the events to my own historical references Brethern was a good book. I even went as far as comparing the events to my own historical references and to my surprise they agreed with the majority of the events of the book. Again I am noting that the book is both fiction mixed with non-fiction, and the non-fiction part is what I am saying is accurate, the non-fiction part though I was not very keen about and did not really care for the characters or what was going on with them, but I like how everything was put together by the end of the book.

Sometimes I find that adds to the book as it means I go into it with an open mind. Also, given my very rigid list of books to read, Brethren sneaked in by simply being "I quite fancy a read of that" as I walked past the bookshelf. That, for me, is quite rare. All I knew was that it involved the Knights Templar and the crusades. It also falls blessedly short of the almost inevitable these days Dan-Browning of the Templars.

There is a tendency now to see them as a mystical, secretive, barely-Christian bunch with demon worship etc. Robyn has built up, instead, a secret sect within the Templars, using the mysteries surrounding the order and its eventual fall, to create secrets within secrets while still avoiding the pit-trap of Templar weirdness and demon worship.

The Templars in Brethren are like an onion, layers within layers, and as you would expect it is only toward the end of the book when you start to get a glimpse of what is at the heart of this sect. I will try to give nothing away. I found the writing to be easy enough and flow well, myself.

I suspect the style eases into the second book. I assume, though, that this is a facet of this being the first book in a trilogy and that the characters will continue to grow and deepen. I did find the book a long one to go at, I have to say, not that it was a problem. I enjoyed every page of the story. I will certainly be reading the rest of the series.


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Baraka Khan : Son of Baybars. Hugues de Pairaud: Templar; son of Humbert de Pairaud. In the book, he is former member of the Hashshashin Order of the Assassins. Reception[ edit ] The book received a mixed reception from reviewers. In a positive review, Publishers Weekly opined that the novel combines "rich historical detail, clever plotting and engaging characters" to "craft a historical thriller that will have readers turning pages and envisioning the sequel. Jones, in a review for Curled Up commented that "you would think Young lived during the times she seems to grasp so well" and found the novel "an exciting read".


Robyn Young



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