Do him a favor and beat his ass down! They all go in the same room as the red save flower. After the cutscene, go inside the house with the unlit doorway and get the essence of the egg for later. Now return and cross your cloud bridge, then head up the left huide to the next screen.

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Gameplay[ edit ] Baten Kaitos plays as a Japanese role-playing video game. One is found in Diadem, but is stolen from them immediately.

A temporary arrest for being suspected of kidnapping Miran resident Lady Melodia causes them again to lose the only End Magnus they had obtained there. The group escapes to Alfard to stop Geldoblame, but in the confrontation, it is revealed that Kalas had secretly been working for Melodia all along to find the End Magnus and revive Malpercio for her benefit.

The other members are captured and imprisoned, though Xelha escapes and frees them. They travel to Wazn, an island covered in snow, where they learn that Xelha is its queen. Malpercio and Melodia refuge themselves into Cor Hydrae, an ancient fortress also unsealed by the five End Magnus.

Kalas, feeling guilt over his deception, vows to re-seal Malpercio. Mizuti directs the group to her homeland, a village in the lands below the Taintclouds, a poisonous layer of gas below the floating islands. They venture down to seek the power of the "Sword of the Heavens" to aid their quest; however, Malpercio and Melodia show up, and the two sides clash. The party is able to ward them off, but the Sword of Heavens is broken in the process.

The party then learns of one last hope of stopping Melodia and Malpercio: the Magnus of Life. Geldoblame felt Kalas was too human, and only had one wing, and ordered his death. Georg instead fakes his death by blowing up his laboratory, and secretly flees to Mira with Kalas and Fee. Because he was created by the Magnus of Life, however, Kalas can use its power, though he does not yet know how to tap into it.

The party breaks through into Cor Hydrae for a final showdown with Malpercio and Melodia. The energy needed to break the shield around Cor Hydrae drains the energy that allows the five major floating islands to float in the sky, and the islands fall toward the Earth below. However, the planet has now become inhabitable again, and with the help of the five ancient gods, the islands safely fall into place on the planet as continents.

While the general population celebrates a bright new future, Xelha privately confides to Kalas that she is an ancient ice queen, and that her death is required in order to restore the oceans of water necessary for humanity to exist again on the planet.

All over the world, a rain begins to fall, accumulating into the long-lost ocean. With resolution found, it is deemed time for the "guardian spirit" to leave, with Kalas and the others congregating to say their goodbyes. Problems playing this file? See media help. The soundtrack was composed and arranged by Motoi Sakuraba , with Sakuraba personally performing on every track.


Baten Kaitos Official Strategy Guide



Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean: Official Strategy Guide


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