They will acquire wheat and rice, every month at only Rs. The distribution of the food grains will be done through the public distribution system. Generating special ration cards — Once the state and the central government has finished the task of identifying all the families that fall under the AAY scheme, they will be given different ration cards. The color of the passes will be different from the normal once. Endeavors of the state government — Apart from the central government, the state governments will also assist the families by providing the food grains to them at the low prices that has been set by the central authorities. Total amount of food grains — As the latest target of the BPJ government is to feed a whopping 25 million poor mouths, the central government will have to keep the a total of 30 lakh tons of food grains available, on a yearly basis.

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The Antyodaya Anna Yojana is a public distribution system that provides food grains to a very poor section of the concentrated and poor population. Under this scheme, families who live below the poverty line are provided food grains at low rates. In this article, you can get complete information about Antyodaya Anna Scheme. This scheme was first released in the state of Rajasthan. Through the AAY, food security has to be provided to poor families and at the same time, their standard of living is to be improved.

Under this scheme, the yellow Antyodaya ration card will be provided by the government to the families living below the poverty line. Such people do not even have food grains to eat. For the application of Antyodaya, the conditions given below must be fulfilled. A family living below the poverty line can apply for this AAY Scheme. The family whose annual income is less than rupees is eligible for this scheme.

Disabled people can also apply for this scheme. Widow women and senior citizens who are the head of the family who is also eligible for the Yojana. Such tribal families who live in rural and hilly areas will also be eligible. Features of PM Antyodaya Anna Scheme Under the Antyodaya Anna scheme, 1 crore families will be searched who live below the poverty line and such families will be provided Wheat at Rs 2 per kg and rice at Rs 3 per kg.

Under this scheme, the government will provide 35 kg of Wheat per month to each family. According to the new update, now the families coming under this scheme can also buy 1 kg of sugar at Rs. After the identification of eligible persons, Antyodayab Anna Ration Cards will be issued to the Antyodaya families by the designated authority. The ration card will contain details regarding the family such as name, age, ration card number, address, etc.


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Antyodaya Anna Yojana



[अन्‍त्‍योदय अन्‍न योजना] Antyodaya Anna Yojana – Apply Online, Eligibility, Launched Date


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