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It also provides the latest updates and changes to policy from Air Force senior leadership and the Uniform Board. For local guidance, Airmen are encouraged to consult their immediate chain of command for clarification on standards and policies. Airmen should also note that any dress and appearance standards not listed as explicitly authorized in AFI , or subsequent guidance updates, are unauthorized. Flag and rank: The subdued black and green cloth flag is authorized for wear until June 1, , then the spice brown US flag will be the only accepted version. Infrared US flags are not authorized The USAF name tape, blouse name tape and rank must be either Velcro or sewn--they must all be affixed in the same manner Independently, the patrol cap name tape and occupational badge may be either sewn or Velcro and do not have to match the rest of the blouse or each other in that manner Higher headquarters and unit patches will be mandatory on April 1, , or when color conversion to spice brown is completed, whichever is soonest.

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Image: defense. Air Force recognizes that Airmen have the right, within established limits, to express their individuality there are still guidelines that must get met in order to establish the appearance of one cohesive, organized military unit. As a result, Air Force hair regulations were put in place to determine what is considered acceptable or not acceptable for the professional appearance of an Air Force service member.

Air Force Hair Regulations — Men The Air Force maintains that is must be clean, well-groomed, present a professional appearance, allow proper wear of headgear, and other military assigned equipment. Hair must not contain an excessive amount of grooming aids like hair gel or mousse.

Hair must not appear lopsided, make contact with either eyebrow or end below an imaginary line across the forehead at the top of the eyebrows that is parallel to the ground. Airmen are not allowed to dye or bleach their hair different from what is considered a natural hair color.

Hair must have a tapered appearance on both sides as well as the back of the head, both with and without headgear. Tapered hairstyles are labeled as those that when viewed from any angle outline the hair of the soldier so that it conforms to the shape of the head, as well as curves inward. Hair near the neck may not touch the collar. It also may not touch the ears or protrude under the front band of headgear. The U. Air Force lists natural hair color as; blond, brown, brunette, natural red, grey or black.

Artificial colors like purple, orange, bright red or neon colors are not authorized. This would clearly not fly pun intended in the Air Force. Image: pixabay. Air Force male soldiers. Common hairstyle for men in the Air Force. Image: Flickr. Air Force Hair Regulations — Women Female service members must also maintain hair that is clean, well-groomed, presents a professional appearance, allows proper wear of headgear, as well as other military assigned equipment.

These regulations are enforced to allow proper use and fitting of headgear. Hair must end above the bottom edge of the collar as well as not extend below an invisible line drawn parallel to the ground, both front to back, and side to side.

Bangs or side-swiped hair may not touch either eyebrow or pass an invisible line drawn across eyebrows that is parallel to the ground. Longer hair is allowed to get pinned up so long as it is secured and does not extend upward on the head. It is difficult to cover every single female hairstyle in one policy though there are some more common ones that are addressed. Regulations On Buns And Ponytails Hair in a bun is allowed, so long as it is only one bun as well as no wider than the width of the head.

Like this. Image: Af. Ponytails are also authorized. Air Force. It also must not extend below the bottom of the collar. If you can follow that golden rule, along with other Air Force hair regulations you should be okay.

Hair Accessories, Braids, and Extensions Hair accessories hairpins, combs, clips, headbands, etc are authorized if they match the present hair color. The accessory must also not alter the hair enough that it would no longer comply with bulk and appearance expectations. Braids are permitted with specific requirements.

Hair extensions can only be used if they match the natural hair color. Wigs and hairpieces have specific standards as well. For more details on specialized hairstyles or accessories, please review the full manual.

Image: Picryl Air Force facial hair is also regulated by the branch of the military. Male Airmen are allowed to have mustaches. Military Sideburns are also permitted if they have a straight appearance with an even width. They also may not extend below the bottom of the orifice of the ear opening. Sideburns must also end in a clean-shaven horizontal line. While sideburns and mustaches are acceptable forms of facial hair, the U.

Air Force does not allow beards of any kinds. The US Navy, on the other hand, does. Image: Wikipedia Body piercings are not allowed according to Air Force grooming standards.

The one exception is earrings for female members, as well as recent new rules that provide a couple of exceptions for male members. However, the Air Force recently lightened up its stance on body piercings last year in line with the U. Army and U. Marine Corps have done recently regarding body appearance. According to the new standards, male Airmen may wear earrings even while on base, yet only in civilian attire and while not performing any military duty.

Female Air Force members are authorized to wear earrings with several limitations. However, like men, the regulations have recently been eased giving females more discretion with their earrings.

The Air Force has increased its approval of a wider range of ear jewelry that is authorized. Previously female members could only wear round stud earrings in diamond, gold, white, pearl, or silver while in uniform. Image: Defense. Here is a quick breakdown of other considerations regarding male and female appearance: For Males: Mail Airmen are expected to closely maintain their fingernails as well as keep them clean. Nails must not inhibit the ability to perform any Air Force assigned duty.

Men are not authorized by the Air Force to wear nail polish. Fragrances Cologne The standards provided by the U. Air Force does not specifically address the rules regarding male fragrances, like cologne. The general rule is so long as the scent is not overpowering and distracting, it is allowed. For Females: Makeup Cosmetics are only allowed for female members.

Like most personal appearance items in the U. Military, moderation and simplicity are encouraged. Lipstick Female Airmen may wear lipstick as long as the shade of the cosmetic does not distinctly contrast the complexion of their skin or detract from the uniform. They must not also restrict or prevent a service member from doing their assigned duties.

Nail Polish Air Force nail polish regulation allows one color for female members. It must not distinctly contrast with the skin complexion or detract from the uniform. Two-tone or multi-tone nail polishes are also not allowed. The best advice is to use them in moderation. Just make sure the scent is not overpowering, or else you may hear about it from a higher ranking officer. Conclusion A female member of the U. Image: AirForce. Aside from a few minor variations between the two genders, Air Force personnel are expected to comply with the same personal appearance standards.

Supervisors have the responsibility to determine compliance of Air Force grooming standards when not explicitly stated in AFI


Air Force updates to AFI-36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance



Air Force updates to AFI-36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance



Air Force Grooming Standards: Haircuts, Mustaches, Beards, And More



Air Force updates to AFI-36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance


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