Shelves: culture , self-help , 20th-century , black-authors , reviewed Why I read this book: Although the misleading title ticked me off a great deal, Iyanla Vanzant is still one of my favorite inspirational people. I have read most of her books. I liked the idea of daily meditations as it is one of my ongoing goals to create peace and joy at the start of my days. I picked up this book with hopes that the book would help foster this goal.

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Reddit Iyanla Vanzant is a famous American inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, author and television personality. Iyanla Vanzant Never compare your life to that of another. Your journey is unique and you cannot be compared!

Just forgive. Iyanla Vanzant Forgiveness opens the door to grace. Iyanla Vanzant If you wan to up-level in your life, you need to let go of the things that do not serve you.

That could mean people, emotions or ideas. When you let go, you open yourself up to receive. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.

Iyanla Vanzant If you do not love yourself, you will not attract the love you want. If you are not kind to yourself, others will not be kind to you. Whatever it is that you believe about yourself is what the world, and the people around you, will offer you.

Iyanla Vanzant When you embrace your flaws, you place yourself on the path to transformation. Iyanla Vanzant Start doing the work on how you feel, not just how you look.

The rewards are far greater. There is something bigger than you know going on here. Iyanla Vanzant Have faith. The Universe has your back. Iyanla Vanzant When we go through hard times and survive to tell the tale, it is our responsibility to do so. Iyanla Vanzant Change is scary and can even seem hard. Iyanla Vanzant We all experience pain in our loves and we all have our own personal way of handling it.

This is why it is so important to be kind to others, you never know what pain they are hiding. Iyanla Vanzant If you want to make a change in your life, you have to start with yourself. There are no pass outs, no handouts and no shortcuts. Make a start on loving yourself today.


Iyanla Explains It All In New Tour, Acts of Faith

Akisar I have been reading a page a day of this same book every year since It helped me through some rough patches. Watching re-runs of Law and Order is her joy. July 11th is one of my absolute favorites. Preview — Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant.


12 Of The Most Empowering Iyanla Vanzant Quotes On Life



Iyanla Explains It All In New Tour, Acts of Faith


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Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color


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