As a brand new officer, Swinton was giving the mission to protect Duffers drift at all costs. As one reads this book they will gain knowledge and insight as to how one person can prevail by accumulating tactical combat mistakes and then devise a plan to use this power to defeat the enemy. The first dream in the book tells a story of a brand new officer given a chance to have an independent command. His only guidance was to protect Duffers drift.

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Here is his chance for fame and glory. He has passed his officer courses and special qualifications. Choose the position of your camp mainly with reference to your defence.

It may even be much better to take up your defensive position some way from the spot, and so away from concealed ground, which enables the enemy to crawl up to very close range, concealed and unperceived, and to fire from cover which hides them even when shooting. It would be better, if possible, to have the enemy in the open, or to have what is called a clear "field of fire.

When fired at by an enemy at close range from nearly all round, a low parapet and shallow trench are not of much use, as what bullets do not hit the defenders on one side hit those on another.

Stuff well with chestnuts as to the large force about to join you in a few hours; garnish with corroborative detail, and season according to taste with whiskey or tobacco.

This will very likely be sufficient for the nearest commando. Probable cost—some heavy and glib lying, but no lives will be expended. It is more the duty of a Christian soldier to teach the dusky neutral the dignity of labour, and to keep him under guard, to prevent his going away to talk about it. Of course, if they are very numerous or very far off, this is impossible; only do not then hope to surprise the enemy. The trench gives the gunners an object to lay on, and gives no protection from shrapnel.

Against well-aimed long-range artillery fire it would be better to scatter the defenders in the open hidden in grass and bushes, or behind stones or ant hills, than to keep them huddled in such a trench.

With your men scattered around, you can safely let the enemy fill your trench to the brim with shrapnel bullets. For protection you must be able to get right close under the cover. As narrow a trench as possible, with the sides and inside of the parapet as steep as they will stand, will give you the best chance. To hollow out the bottom of the trench sides to give extra room be even better, because the open top of the trench can be kept the less wide.

The more like a mere slit the open top of the trench is, the fewer shrapnel bullets will get in. It is nasty from one flank - far worse from both flanks. Give them air. For close shooting from a non-concealed trench, head cover with loopholes is an advantage. This should be bulletproof and not be conspicuously on the top of the parapet, so as to draw fire, or it will be far more dangerous than having none.

Though for promotion it may be sound to advertise your position, for defence it is not. Especially take care to have some place where the enemy must come under your fire. Choose the exact position of your firing trenches, with your eye at the level of the men who will eventually use them.

McDonough in dealing with a somewhat large combat element that the original, and having a slightly different reason for the "dreams". Instead of trying to teach infantry tactics, the authors of this story focused upon a supply company of a forward support battalion in an effort to teach units inside of a Brigade Support Area to become more effective in defensive operations during combat [4].

The third one was written by Dr. Scott S. His book, Premonitions of the Palladion Project: A Modern Project Management Fable, contains information about what works and what does not work when managing a project, which can be used to assist anyone in managing a more successful project.

This book provided a project management framework illustrating twenty-four project management rules. The general thesis in this book was that using just the best project management tools while forgetting everything else about running the project would doom the project to failure. The fourth was written by Albert J. The book follows a young lieutenant through successive lessons while conducting stability and counterinsurgency operations in Iraq.

After each dream, however, a series of lessons are highlighted, and each of these was incorporated into the next battle, which eventually leads Lieutenant Forethought to victory and relief in the final dream.


Defence of Duffers Drift Book Report Essay

Shelves: tactical-narrative , boer-war I suppose it is about time I got around to adding the clubs namesake book. The Defence of Duffers drift is the origin of the tactical narrative genre where a fictional tactical scenario is used to impart a series of lessons learned. The Defence of Duffers drift has been used to teach junior leaders how to conduct a tactical appreciation otherwise known as the estimate. Published in , the author was Captain Later Major-General Ernest Swinton who would go on to be main proponent of the development of the tank during the First World War. Demonstrating how much of an innovator he was. He has a series of six dreams where the defence of his position plays out. After each dream he absorbs the lessons from the failures in the dream and incorporates them into his plan.


The Defence of Duffer's Drift

Backsight Forethought "BF" , who is the narrator of the book. The book is an exploration of small unit tactics in a fictional encounter in the Boer War. Swinton served in South Africa during the Boer War, and the book "embodies some recollections of things actually done and undone in South Africa, — A large force of Boers, unknown to BF, is moving toward his position. This scenario is played out six separate times, in six "dreams. After each defeat, BF learns lessons and adapts his strategy for the later encounters. The later dreams end more inconclusively, and in the final dream, BF and his command successfully hold out long enough to be relieved.

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